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What is SOMA?

Let’s face it, people are stressed with their day to day lives living in cities. SOMA was created as a way for people to escape from the unnatural, and bring themselves closer to nature.

SOMA focuses on providing outstanding vacation rental expirences in natural enviorments. Born from the National park of the Great Smokey Mountains, SOMA has transformed into a nationwide brand guests can trust.

Supporting our habitat

The national park system was created as a way to ensure the conservation of our most precious lands. Every year we donate a portion of our proceeds to the SOMA Fund, a non-profit organization who’s mission is to preserve our winters, and offset the negative effects of climate change.

We firmly beleive in the importance of protecting our fragile ecosystem, and our ability to share the enjoyment of the lands for generations to come. All of our vacation rentals use sustainable management practices to ensure we continue to do our part.

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