Property Management Simplified

Born from cabin rentals in national parks, SOMA focuses on providing exceptional experiences in natural environments. Our mission is to give owners the financial freedom to explore the worlds they’ve always dreamed of.

Using active property management, Soma’s focus is to maximize revenue by staying ahead of the market. Our investment in proprietary pricing systems has paid off tremendously.

Housekeeping at Your Service

The devil is in the detail, and our cleaning staff focuses on every last bit of them. We strive to provide 5-star hospitality to our guests, creating memories that last a lifetime. Without the hardwork and dedication of our cleaning staff, our services would not be the same. This is why we also offer a linen program to make the transition as smooth as possible.

High touch concierge service

Our staff works around the clock to ensure that our guests always come first. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty. When a guest needs to know where the closest grocery store is, we have those answers on hand. We are a hospitality company first and foremost, meaning we are driven by customer satisfaction, and our reviews prove it.

Comprehensive protection

Each reservation is backed by a comprehensive insurance policy to ensure the well being of your property. We know it takes a lot of trust to place your hard earned assets in our hands, which means we provide an extra level of protection. All of our stays are insured by a $1,000,000 host guarentee so you don’t have to sweat the petty stuff.

Vacation Rental Management

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No Long Term Contracts–Period.

We don’t believe in locking our clients into contracts because our work speaks for itself. If you are not happy with the service we provide, that’s on us. Our job is to make sure your assets are working for you.

Our experience in full service property management speaks for itself. There is a reason we are this confident in our services, and want to ensure that you have the flexibility you deserve.

Our partners:


Pricing Optimization

We partner with industry-leading smart pricing partners as well as conduct manual comparable market scans to ensure your listing is capitalizing on high prices during far-out, peak months while ensuring the property is competitively priced to minimize near-term vacancies.

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Guest Inquiries & Concierge

Our team provides high-touch guest support and personalized concierge services 7 days a week and during all waking hours to make guests feel special. Immediate responses to guest inquiries leads to more bookings, delighted guests, and 5-star reviews!

Listing & Calendar Maintainace

A perfectly designed listing is both an art and science. Our years of experience in analyzing thousands of listings has given us the expertise to know what makes a great listing. This results in a higher conversion rate from listing views to booking confirmations

Professional Cleanings

Our top-notch cleaning staff delights guests with a sparkling clean space each and every time. Cleaning cost is charged to the guest.

Key Exchange

We use technology wherever available to get your guests in and our smoothly and keep your property safe by changing door codes between reservations.

The Smooth Method

Our Smooth Method maximizes your returns by combining critical thinking and negotiation skills with incredibly detailed operating processes to ensure your property is constantly getting top-dollar on each booking while receiving stellar reviews from your guests.

Handyman/Vendor Management

Work with our preferred maintenance team, or we will work with your existing partners to keep your property in tip-top shape.

Supply Replenishment

We keep your place stocked with all essential items as agreed in the listing details.

Additional Services

We provide many other add-on services to delight your guests and optimize your rental property. If there’s something you would like, just ask! Flexibility is in our DNA.

Frequently Asked Questions


SOMA prides itself on unmatched customer service, rigorous operational processes, and laser focus on maximizing your earnings. We have the most flexible pricing options in the market, and have a patented approach to maximizing your investment’s revenue.

What makes you better than your competition?

We believe our thorough Smooth Method is second to none in the industry to maximize your earnings. We truly care about your property and how much money we are able to generate for you. We pay our employees in a way that directly aligns their incentive with your success, and our low-cost operating model allows us to provide excellent service at a wonderful value.

Can I decide which guests stay at my home?

Having worked in this space for many years, we know that guests take great care of your home. However, we screen each guest individually by looking at the guests’ past reviews. We can provide additional screening such as requiring that the host has a Verified government ID, Positive Reviews from other hosts, and a verified phone number.

How do you handle repairs?

We have a full-time handyman who handles all repairs immediately to ensure your property is kept in top shape. Any costs of repairs will be billed to the host unless they were caused by the guest, in which case we will claim for the guest to cover the cost.

Do I get to see how my property is performing?

Of course. We give all of our host View Only access to their property’s performance. We update our hosts with how well their property is doing and why to manage your expectations properly.

What happens if something gets lost, stolen, or damaged?

We recommend our hosts to not leave valuables or personal items in their listing. We require a security deposit which can be claimed on in the event of damage or theft.

How do check-ins work?

Our Check-ins are seamless! We give the guests all the information needed for a self-check in and arrange key pickup. We stay in touch with your guest upon arrival no matter what their arrival time to make sure they get in safely. If required, we can meet your guests in person for a final screen.

How do check-outs work?

When the guest checks out, a cleaner will arrive to do the cleaning and replace linens, towels and such.

When do I get paid?

You will see a direct deposit into your bank account within 3-5 business days of your guests’ checkout.