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  • Winter Weather Forecast for 2019/2020

    The seasons have changed and fall is upon us. More importantly for skiers, snow season is just around the corner. Every year, tremendous showings of superstition and tradition are displayed in hopes to persuade the snow gods for a blissful winter. 

    As the negative effects of climate change progress, Winters have become less predictable in their trends. In the last few years, 80 degree days in January have become all too common in New York. Sometimes the snow will even stick through July like it did in Colorado last winter. 

    Every year, the farmer’s almanac and the NOAA release their guides for what they predict the winter will look like. 

    Winter Temperature Forecast (NOAA)

    Winter Precipitation Forecast (NOAA)

    Based on these maps, the NOAA forecasts that the majority of the United States is expected to have above average temperatures this year aside from the northern mid western plains. Following the second map, they also predict that the majority of the United States will have an equal chance of above or below average levels of precipitation, aside from the northern mid western plains. 

    Based on these readings, expect a long winter of cold and heavy snowfall for Minnesota and the surrounding states. For the rest of ski country, it is difficult to say based on these readings. There is a reasonable chance to believe that the expected above average temperatures across the rocky mountains should not translate into rain. This is due to the already frigid temperatures across the region. For parts of the northeast, it would be safe to expect a below average ski season. 

    Farmers Almanac

    The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a tradition that dates back to the 1800s. They used patterns he noticed in sunspots to predict the climate in the forthcoming year. Their yields were based on patterns that arose every 11 years, tying them to weather patterns. 

    These methods have largely been debunked to pseudoscience. Nevertheless, it is always a wonderful thing to see Utah and the Rocky Mountains to have ‘low temps, deep powder.” 

    Although predicting the weather with 100% accuracy may never be possible, it is always fun to use these tools to hope for the best! Here’s to a great winter!

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